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The town of Nidri (Nydri) is a great for holiday, but also for fatigue. While the beach at this town is OK, I say this because these other across the island fabulous. The restaurants have all that you want, and their managers will do everything (in the true sense of the word) to sit just in their establishment. (more…)

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Porto Katsiki

Porto Katziki
Definitely the most popular and one of the most beautiful beaches on the south-western part of Lefkada is Porto Katziki. Porto Katziki means goats bay , because they were only goats that could access this part of the island.

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Vasiliki – Lefkas

Vasilliki is interesting port city located in the bay surrounded on three sides by hills so that it has a very favorable climate and excellent strategic position close to the best beaches in the western and southern coast of Lefkada. Vasiliki is built around the port, from which boats sail every day to Cephalonia. (more…)

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