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Porto Katsiki

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Porto Katziki
Definitely the most popular and one of the most beautiful beaches on the south-western part of Lefkada is Porto Katziki. Porto Katziki means goats bay , because they were only goats that could access this part of the island.

Today, fortunately, we can also see a part of heaven. Very popular beach where during the season often be crowded. But I Photographed it in the evening at the beginning of the summer season, so this part of the beach is almost empty. The beach is worth a visit at any time. A large parking lot is secured for vehicles, the descent access to the beach is provided with 50 staps. In addition to the parking lot there are small shops where you can buy snacks and refreshments, as well as a couple bars. If you’re in the mood for lunch on the beach there is a restaurant located on the approach to the parking lot with a beautiful pool and sea view. Color of water is turquoise with sand and fine gravel. Since they are located in the bay it is not very windy, but the waves can be so common if the wind is strong. Nearby is the little peninsula on which you can cross the path that is secured and surrounded by a fence.

The beach Porto Katsiki has repeatedly proclaimed as the most beautiful beach in Europe.


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