Virtualne ture – Panorame 360°


What are 360 ° Virtual  Tours (VT) ?

Virtual tours (VT) is an innovative technology presentation, which is expanding into Internet marketing. VT consist of two or more of the 360 ​​° panoramic photos. Each panorama is made from a large number of photos merged to form a space in 3D, so that visitors have the option of viewing in all directions, as well as zooming in and out with simple mouse movements. Moving through panoramas, one click in the direction you want, creates a sense like you’re really there. Virtual tours embedded to your presentation generates significant visits and retain visitors to your sites.
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360 ° Virtual Tours on mobile, tablet devices

I will try to make all  panoramas (virtual tours) adapt to a portable devices like mobiles, tablets, iPods and similar. Panoramas can be seen in most of HTML 5 browsers … but I have to recommend Google chrome because it has proven to be the best on multiple devices.

Where the virtual tours can be used?

VT can be used in all types of businesses, are widely used by hotels, public institutions, restaurants, real estate salesmen, architects, fitness centers, educational institutions, tourist organizations as well as all others who want an attractive and stylish way to show your space.
Virtual tours provide more visual information about the traditional way of presenting on the Internet, consisting of photos and text, thereby reassuring potential visitors that they have chosen the right place.
Panoramas are optimized for fast loading. Enables 360 ° x 180 ° view (sightseeing area in all directions). They are produced in Flash format as well as HTML 5 format for portable devices.

Want your virtual tour?

Contact me and leave your contact details. So I’ll contact you to arrange an appointment for a photo shooting . and very soon you will get your desired 360-degree panorama.